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Xaosfiftytwo vs. Zulugodetia Today at 07:00!

The game of the round in the MonkeyClub 45 45 tournament is about to start in a few hours. You don't want to miss the chance to see the big battle between xaosfiftytwo and zulugodetia. After 10 years of rivalry they finally meet again at the board. Ambassadors of both player's countries worked hard to overcome all obstactles make this game happen.

Pregame, we already saw our fair share of trash talking with lines like this:

zulugodetia(1570) whispers: 1529, u need a few points therem jp?, u lost some weight?
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i am saving it all for you
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: anyway its 6 2 u, 4 2 me
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i dont want that gap to close
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: need to get maximum spark efficiency
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: total abstination before the game
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: ha ha
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: from?
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: you will find out
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: and go ahead and blitz, see if i care
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: i know your tricks now
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: tactics tactics tactics
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: :))
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: u can bring out your rook
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i wont hesitate
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: both, if needed

The game will start today at 07:00 server time.

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MonkeyClub Wins Title in U1400 and U1600!

It is time to celebrate! Two T41 teamleague finals were decided today and we are able to score two titles in the process. Both U1400 (2-2) and U1600 (3-0) have won their sections! Congratulations to all players of both teams. You guys really earned it. :-)

With two titles and one semi final it is already a great season for us so far. However, there is still one semi final with a MonkeyClub team happening right now. The U1800 Chimpions are trying to battle their way into the finals.

We will post a retrospection of this teamleague season next week and also include the most exciting games played in this tournament.

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Shirt Design Number #1

The first t-shirt design has been finished. More to come soon :-)

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Video of the Irish MonkeyClub Gathering

Brought to you by stalebread :)

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Compiling a List of Chess Resources

After zulugodetias question for recommendations on chess literature in channel 177 today, several people mentioned the column "Novice Nook" over at chesscafe.com. Quickly thereafter the idea was born to collect suggestions for a list of good chess literature that we could share on our website.

So if you know good books, websites or other chess resources that you feel should be on a list of resources for players rated around 1400 to 1800 then please leave a comment with your suggestions.

The final list with comments will then be published in a week or two. :)

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