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Clay Chess Revisited

It is video monday again and for this time I found yet another impressive clay chess video. And it is funny too :-)

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Famous Lasker Game With Sacrifice

Our weekly video feature on Monday took a break in December to return with fresh content starting today. This time I present you a video from an online tutor (you can find more of his videos online on YouTube) showing a famous game by Emanuel Lasker.

It features an astounding sacrifice by Lasker and probably one of the coolest way to checkmate an opponent. So make sure you don't miss the end of the game :-)

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Top Monkeys In T37

We continue our celebration of Teamleague T37 season and honor our top players of last season. Many players exceeded their expectations and scored very well which is only natural considering that almost all teams entered the playoffs.
However, there are some players who did extremely well who I want to mention now.

Well, I started out this list with three players in mind. After browsing through some teamleague games, more players were added to this list and there are still some people who deserve to be mentioned. However, I am going to make a cut here and list the top scorers only here or the list would probably feature 3/4 of all monkeys ;-)

However, in a follow up post I will honorable mention additional monkeys who did some great service last season. So stay tuned!

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Lottery Has Ended - FSFabbri To Win playchess.com Subscription!

FSFabbri won the lottery and will receive a free one year subscription for playchess.com! Congratulations and have fun with your prize :-).

I want to thank everyone else who participated in this lottery and do not worry, we will have more lotteries coming up in the future. I just need to get good prizes ;)

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Team Building For T38 Has Started

With today I will start with building teams for next teamleague season, T38. If you want to play in the upcoming season then please message me on FICS or comment on this page. I need to know what section(s) you want to play, which board and how much time you have for teamleague in general (needed to determine if one qualifies for a permanent spot or a reserve spot).

As always I try my best to fulfill all wishes, however, sometimes adjustments have to be made. This time around I will enter empty teams for T38 on the teams page here so everyone can see how far team building has progressed. You can also see then what slots are still available.

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