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A Word About Updates

Yes, I know. This website is getting way to few updates but I am working on improving things. There are still some parts on this site that needs work which to some extend prevent me from writing here.

However, things will be better in the future as I will update this blog more often with fresh content. The first stept is a weekly video feature with chess related videos. I have already uploaded posts for the next two mondays so I can keep my promise here ;-)

Other than that I am still looking for volunteers who would like to write blog posts here. Anything goes as long as it is chess related. Teamleague updates and a weekly chess puzzle feature would be a nice start I think. So if you want help out, contact me!

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Awesome Stop Motion Animation

Someone created a stop motion video of a chess game. Very impressive work!

Bonus points for everyone who can point out the opening and variation played in this game :-)

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Playoff Mode

In case you are wondering how we will go on after the group phase with our tournament, i came up with this. So tell me what you think:

I will split the players into to groups:

Group 1 = All Group 1st´s 3 Players
Group 2 = the Rest (all 2nd´s and the 2 best 3rd´s) 5 Players

After that i will randomly assign to one Group1 Player an opponent from Group2 until there is no Group1 Player left. The remaining 2 Group 2 Players will be paired against each other.

I think i couldnt express myself more complicated :) After that, all pairings will be assigned randomly

Note: The playoff is deathmatch mode. If you lose you´re out. Colors are assigned randomly. In case of a draw, there is a rematch with reversed colors.

The final will be at least 2 games, first player to lead with more than one game difference is the new Monkey Champ!

posted by: Oppermann
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Monkey Championships Group Phase

Here are the Playoff Qualification Groups:
See for the tournament table.

Group A
DerMandarin 2143
Akisganis 1620
Adishankar 1502

Group B
FlorinC 2204
Squib 1949
Oppermann 1642
crem 1316

Group C
Kirany 2060
Evilthunder 1893
gGrungean 1656
zulugodetia 1370

There are 2 games against each other, with different colors. The top 2 of each group advance into the playoffs, as well as the 2 best group 3rds. In the playoffs its 1 game with random color. If theres a draw, its a rematch with colors reversed. The final match mode is not decided yet...

After the tournament we will need everyone to give a vote for the best/beautiest game played.


Once you finished a game, both players are required to send me the PGN files of the game to: opptor@web.de

Lets rock !

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2nd International Monkey Championships

Hello Monkeys. Its time to finally have our 2nd Championships. The Tournament mode is still negotiable, but i think we should play 20 20 Time Control with Round Robin mode. If we get more than 10 players we should split the Tournament into two groups.

Cheers Oppi

posted by: Oppermann
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