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Monkey Club Becomes "Servants of Kramnik"


As you might already know the Monkey Club is celebrating its second anniversary this month and as promised there will be a lot of changes. After a long discussion with several team members we decided to change our name from "Monkey Club" to "Servants of Kramnik".

The reasoning behind this is, that as we now grew to a huge club the name "Monkey Club" does not seem to fit anymore. We want to focus on professional chess and improving and thus were looking for a new club name in the past few weeks. A quick survey among a sample of one club member quickly revealed GM Kramnik as most popular chess player. Thus the decision has been made to change the name to "Servants of Kramnik".

With the name change will also come a redesigned website to fit the new direction this club takes. Moreover, we will also introduce "guidelines" for behaviour on and off the board to fit the new club theme better. The guidelines will be:

1. Play only 1.d4 even with black.
2. Move to France.
3. If you already live in France move to Russia.
4. Wear glasses.
5. Give the general impression of being extremely bored when conducting a game.
6. Deny all challenges and make counter offers with ridiculous and hard to meet terms.
7. Wear the soon to come club t-shirt featuring a mashup of Kramniks and Che Guevaras portrait.
8-10: To be announced.

We all hope you guys will support this change which eventually lead us to a bright, successful and boring future.

posted by: InLoveWithVladimir | tags: kramnik monkey change


now way! I vote against changing of names. We are focusing on professional chess. I just don't see why we can't be called monkeyclubbers and still be professional.. some may say the name is immature, but I would say the name is funny and lax.. Servants of Kramnik is just not right. The reason why I joined the club (as a professional chess player) is merely because of the name (and the T-shirt.. ok also the chess).
#1 blackk on November 30, 2009 at 8:57 p.m.