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A Song About Chess and Biscuits

A great find by castleden!

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Kasparov Simul Footage

This chessbase article features three video clips from a clock simul exhibition between Kasparov and a selection of youth players from the USA. Around 30 minutes of very insightful chess entertainment. Make sure you watch these clips :)

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Video of the Irish MonkeyClub Gathering

Brought to you by stalebread :)

posted by: derMandarin | tags: monkey video
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Clay Chess Revisited

It is video monday again and for this time I found yet another impressive clay chess video. And it is funny too :-)

posted by: Mark | tags: video funny clay
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Famous Lasker Game With Sacrifice

Our weekly video feature on Monday took a break in December to return with fresh content starting today. This time I present you a video from an online tutor (you can find more of his videos online on YouTube) showing a famous game by Emanuel Lasker.

It features an astounding sacrifice by Lasker and probably one of the coolest way to checkmate an opponent. So make sure you don't miss the end of the game :-)

posted by: Mark | tags: video lasker tactics
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