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Linuxchick Now Running on Monkey Server

Two weeks ago we installed linuxchick on the Monkey Club webserver. The bot is running smoothly so far and we are looking forward to start integrating the bot with our website so that tedious tasks like retrieving lost passwords can be done through the bot.

Also it would be possible to have Monkey Club tournaments run by the bot much like FICS teamleague and other tournaments.

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Website Redesign Phase 1 is done!

It has been a while since the last blog post and I seriously do not hope that anyone took it serious ;) Anyway, I am pleased to announce that the first update on our website has been done! Some visual changes took place and some new features have been added.

To quickly list the main features:
There is still a lot of work to do. The design is not 100% done yet, the team page needs to get back online and the blue boxes aren't available in all sections of the website. However, the groundwork has now been done and I am looking forward to making further improvements and adding more features.

Your feedback is also appreciated :)

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This Site Will Get a Redesign

Hi guys,

it has been quiet here lately. However, as our two year anniversary comes up in April I want to brush up the website and give it an updated look. I want to have the graphics redone and finally make a better footer. The site itself will get a bit wider so that more information fits into the sidebar on the right side (standings, etc).

This is are just visual changes but I will also introduce some functionality. In our channel the topic already came up and some members wished for a private forum as well as some sort of wiki. Do you guys have any other suggestions? If so, post it here!

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Sidebar Boxes are Now Working!

Hi everyone! With the help of crem, we do now feature all league matches played this season. That is more than 500 games and it will grow in size with subsequent rounds. In the process the two boxes on the right "Last League Results" and "Upcoming League Games" no feature real games and no longer just dummy text. ;-)

So the basics are working now. However, there is still a lot of work to do, especially with the game viewer and the game overview list. Right now, the game overview list just displays all games on one page. I began work on some search functionality there to better browse through the game list but this will take some time. In the meantime you can see all your played games if you enter http://monkeychess.net/games/YOURNAME/ into the address bar of your browser. For example try http://monkeychess.net/games/crem/

As always, feature requests in feedback is highly appreciated.

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User Profile Pages Are Online!

As promised, I update the website today with profile pages for users. You can now enter profile data, upload an user image and set your location on a world map. A few data fields will be available to public while the biggest part will be only visible to other logged in Monkey Club members. So no worries about your privacy. If you are logged in you should see some new links in the box on the right side of this page.

You can look at my profile page here for example: http://monkeychess.net/user/profile/Mark/ These pages are linked from the blog comments section as well as from the quotes page. I will further incorporate profile stuff into the rest of the website in the following weeks.

One new feature is that you can your password resetted automatically. For this, you have to enter a valid e-mail address. Once an e-mail address is as associated with your account you can use the "forgot password" feature to get a new one. No more bothering me with this ;-)

Well, this is it for now. Look at everything and add your data. If you forgot your password then send me a fics message with your e-mail address and your desired password and I will set it for you. Same goes if you do not have an account on this website yet.

I would be really glad if you guys have suggestions how to improve this new section. What kind of data fields should we add? Where should data be displayed? Also, please report all errors/typos you encounter.

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