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Xaosfiftytwo vs. Zulugodetia Today at 07:00!


The game of the round in the MonkeyClub 45 45 tournament is about to start in a few hours. You don't want to miss the chance to see the big battle between xaosfiftytwo and zulugodetia. After 10 years of rivalry they finally meet again at the board. Ambassadors of both player's countries worked hard to overcome all obstactles make this game happen.

Pregame, we already saw our fair share of trash talking with lines like this:

zulugodetia(1570) whispers: 1529, u need a few points therem jp?, u lost some weight?
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i am saving it all for you
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: anyway its 6 2 u, 4 2 me
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i dont want that gap to close
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: need to get maximum spark efficiency
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: total abstination before the game
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: ha ha
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: from?
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: you will find out
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: and go ahead and blitz, see if i care
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: i know your tricks now
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: tactics tactics tactics
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: :))
zulugodetia(1570) whispers: u can bring out your rook
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: i wont hesitate
xaosfiftytwo(1529) whispers: both, if needed

The game will start today at 07:00 server time.

posted by: derMandarin | tags: tournament xaosfiftytwo zulugodetia


I would love to give all the Monkey Club chimps a huge wrap! Wrap 'em all up in banana leaves and give 'em all a great big hug! Shuffle! Unwrap, and flick-and-whip 'em high over the tree-tops. Then take a swim down-river, beating my chess as I cum! To see! What you blokes are doin'!
Pickin' fleas off each others' bum as per normal, flirtin' with fillies......... shuffle again..... I see Mahog climbing tree to Monkey Club, HHHMMMMM! Jungle Juice, Zulus, suckers for my hairy-arse gambits ....
2 and 1 plus a bye
Mahog on the third branch, and like a rainbow, is temporary and an illusion - some baboons here would love my hairy back shaved like one o' those oranusaurus blokes.... OOO-OOO AAA-AAA OOO-OOO AAA-AAA
#1 Mahog on March 9, 2010 at 10:49 a.m.