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All Snug
[20:57]derMandarin: yeah, zulu. he is drawing wild animals wearing diapers
[20:57]ahubers: That fits the job descrip, I would think
[20:57]Myob: that's zulu wearing nappies as well as the animals btw
20:57]zulugodetia: lol, what?
[20:58]derMandarin: zulu is wearing a snuggie
[20:58]Myob: lol snuggie
[20:58]CinnamonBandit: lol
[20:59]zulugodetia: im wearing, well if i tell u , u wont believe me
[20:59]Myob: oh yes we will
[20:59]derMandarin: I heard so much about snuggies. I really want this things to come available here.
[20:59]derMandarin: I not only want the snuggie but also the variant for wearing while eating dinner: the slanket
[20:59]ahubers: I thought about getting a snuggie.
[20:59]zulugodetia: snuggies are the best, it doesnt leak out
[21:01]Introspection: zulugodetia(177): squib runs naked in the street if i get to 1600, not that im gay, u understand, long story
[21:01]Introspection: Moooooooooo!

rating:    - added on 2010-07-21 by Myob

Just a minute
[22:22]zulugodetia: goodnight gentlemen
[22:22]Myob: nyt zooly
[22:22]zulugodetia: 10:23 here
[22:22]hundirector(IM): no its 10:22
[22:22]zulugodetia: ok, yes u r correct, lo
[22:22]zulugodetia: i added a minute in case, it changed as i typed
rating:    - added on 2010-07-19 by derMandarin

[20:16]zulugodetia: hash) is a preparation of cannabis composed of the compressed stalked resin glands called trichomes, collected from the cannabis plant. It contains the same active ingredients but in higher concentrations than other parts of the plant such as the buds or the leaves. Hashish is often a paste-like substance with varying hardness and pliability.
[20:18]zulugodetia: Consumption of hashish saw an increase in the 20th century, in Europe and America, associated with the hippie scene which promoted pacifism and introspection
[20:19]zulugodetia: they mention introspection in the same breath as hashish
[20:20]Introspection: lol did it really say Introspection?
[20:20]zulugodetia: yes
[20:20]Introspection: that's great
[20:21]zulugodetia: lol
[20:22]Introspection: They will think that is where I got the name from!
[20:22]zulugodetia: yes, they will think you are an old druggie
[20:22]Introspection: Well they will have the old part correct
rating:    - added on 2010-07-01 by Myob

Brave Babas
[22:12]onomatopeia: he play orang utan against a monkey, is he stupid XD
[22:13]pgg: think he is trying to "ape" you Ono
[22:14]pgg: ah the return of DerMugger, hi Mark
[22:15]onomatopeia: oh oh i should run
[22:16]derMandarin: hehe, just checked onos tl game after he gave me the hint
[22:18]derMandarin: babaschess decided to crash rather than to show me the end of onos tl game
[22:18]onomatopeia: brave babas
rating:    - added on 2010-05-16 by Myob

Of Intros and Zulus
[16:08]zulugodetia: wow go intro, my man!
[16:09]gGrungean: intro learnt his endgame from me
[16:09]zulugodetia: ha ha gG
[16:09]gGrungean: :)
[16:09]xaosfiftytwo: zulu learned his openings from bibbu
[16:10]zulugodetia: :))
[16:10]gGrungean: :D
[16:10]gGrungean: no wonder they dont make much sense
[16:10]xaosfiftytwo: :)
[16:10]zulugodetia: :-L !BCS->(punch)
rating:    - added on 2010-05-09 by Mark

2nd hand socks, bargain!, ONE size fits ALL!
[14:21]derMandarin: getting rich by getting chess is like trying to get rich by selling used socks on the roadside
rating:    - added on 2010-04-15 by zulugodetia

Please Note
[18:06]Dreadtower: Would Monkeys please note that we have a youngster who has joined our ranks and that adult conversation is therefore inappropriate in the channel when they are present.
[18:24]ErnestHemingway: Would Monkeys also please note that we have another youngster in our midst, Exirk, and therefore adult conversation is inappropriate in the channel when he is present.
[18:28]Myob: Would Monkeys please note that we have several youngsters in our midst and therefore they are inappropriate when this channel is present.
[18:28]pgg: Would Monkeys also please note that we have another youngster in our midst, Ernest, and therefore adult conversation is particularly important in order to improve his education and further develop him as a rounded individual.
[18:31]derMandarin: Would everyone please note that no youngster is in channel 177 at the moment so vagina, penis, buttmud et al.

rating:    - added on 2010-04-12 by Myob

pgg: thanks for the game Rascian Rascian: I lost 30 points
Rascian: most expensive call in history
pgg: wow, I only got 15, geez the tax on this server is high
Rascian: only 15
pgg: yeah
Rascian: that sucks
Rascian: DM will kill me now
pgg: now I know where they get the 500 points they give away each 1st April
pgg: you think you have problems, he will kill me first
pgg: I will be permanently marked as an upstart!

rating:    - added on 2010-04-04 by Myob

If I were human, I'd still hang out in the tree tops gutsin' bananas and sniffin' the breeze for fresh openings - If I wasn't such a rock ape I'd be "hammocked" all the day long in my harem of Silverback blondes, perfecting my dismount.
rating:    - added on 2010-04-04 by Mahog

The good old times
[22:16]derMandarin: since the dawn of time
[22:17]pgg: a few seconds before the epoch
[22:17]ErnestHemingway: when apes ruled the world...
[22:17]pgg: even
[22:17]ErnestHemingway: those were good times
[22:17]pgg: aye
[22:17]ErnestHemingway: i remember it as if it was yesterday
[22:17]pgg: aye
[22:17]ErnestHemingway: pete was alwasy the one to find fire
[22:18]onomatopeia: where a banana was the highest stuff you can get
[22:18]ErnestHemingway: ivan was the lazy one - he was always waiting for food scraps
[22:18]derMandarin: pete was multiboxing earth and three other planets ...
[22:18]pgg: Ernie was always the one using instruments to kill foes
[22:18]ErnestHemingway: actually i was busy trying to drag women to my cave by their hair...
[22:18]pgg: dM was in there Directing opperations
[22:19]ErnestHemingway: i left killing to mark - why do u think his is nicknamed arnie?
[22:19]pgg: Arnie DerMugger
[22:19]ErnestHemingway: whenever mark went out hunting, he always said: "i'll be bacl"
[22:19]pgg: dam hit the bar there Ernie
[22:20]ErnestHemingway: lol
[22:20]ErnestHemingway: u cant drag them home by the hair these days, pete
[22:20]pgg: no , no , so true
[22:20]ErnestHemingway: u gona get dragged out of the bar by the guards first
[22:21]pgg: Diamonds ring and porsches the new new knock me senseless with your prowess
[22:21]ErnestHemingway: and apparebtly, do u want to try my banana pick up line doesnt work these days anymore either
[22:21]derMandarin: I'll be bacl
[22:21]ErnestHemingway: well, the language wasnt too well developed back then yet, mark ;)
[22:21]derMandarin: on the first days god created earth and everything on it. And on the seventh day he played !BCS->(h3)
rating:    - added on 2010-04-01 by onomatopeia