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Poor KiranY
[19:47]KiranY(TM): long time no see boobs
rating:    - added on 2009-03-19 by Mark

New monkey...
Notification: linuxchick has arrived.
linuxchick(177): Hello zulugodetia, I am Eliza.
linuxchick(177): Xaos tells me you are afraid to visit.
linuxchick(177): Why do you feel so uncertain?
linuxchick(177): oh, sorry, client calling, gtg
Notification: linuxchick has departed.
AdIsHaNkAr(177): wtf?
AdIsHaNkAr(177): who are u
KiranY(TM)(177): on target this time :)
zulugodetia(177): ha ha, well done jp
zulugodetia(177): i recognise your voice, lol
zulugodetia(177): how do u do that?
xaosfiftytwo: using a bot..
zulugodetia(177): :))
zulugodetia(177): u should catch mark with it
zulugodetia(177): we will tell him u r a new chick member, maybe a lesbian?
xaosfiftytwo: my sisters account
zulugodetia(177): oh ok, no offence on your sister
xaosfiftytwo: shes a fierce linux fan too
zulugodetia(177): is she hot jp?
xaosfiftytwo: shes here, shall i ask ?
zulugodetia(177): yes why not?
hundirector(IM)(177): also, who is she hot for
zulugodetia(177): im 6ft 6, flat stomach, rich, and virile
xaosfiftytwo: i toldher all about you zulu
zulugodetia(177): so shes in love?
hundirector(IM)(177): that means zulu is out
zulugodetia(177): a flenmish woman, wow, that could become a fantasy
xaosfiftytwo: yes, out, definately
zulugodetia(177): oh why?, what did i do?
zulugodetia(177): i will remember our first date
xaosfiftytwo: she has known some guys from ZM in the past..
zulugodetia(177): zee macht rulez
xaosfiftytwo: no more.. she says
zulugodetia(177): those were the bad ones
xaosfiftytwo: ok,I will tell her.that you became wiser with the years
zulugodetia(177): yes, good line
hundirector(IM)(177): is she less then twice my age
KiranY(TM)(177): and i will tell susan you got experienced over the years
zulugodetia(177): hun, shes much too sophisticated for you
xaosfiftytwo: afraid not..6 years younger than us
zulugodetia(177): as lomg as her name is not linda, or penny, thats ok
xaosfiftytwo: adi got quite excited, no ?
AdIsHaNkAr(177): nope
AdIsHaNkAr(177): i need a pic
AdIsHaNkAr(177): and a profile + CV
hundirector(IM)(177): lol
AdIsHaNkAr(177): :P
zulugodetia(177): these kids no sense of adventure, they want everything on a plate
xaosfiftytwo: her name is Carine, she sends greetings to that old sailor
zulugodetia(177): oh no, what a beautiful name
zulugodetia(177): seriously. thats a nice name, its french?
zulugodetia(177): karen or caren
xaosfiftytwo: oh it was/is quite common here
zulugodetia(177): first time i have ever heard of it
xaosfiftytwo: is that so
zulugodetia(177): yes
xaosfiftytwo: lots of Carines here
zulugodetia(177): ok im immigrating
hundirector(IM)(177): it comes from latin
zulugodetia(177): carina
xaosfiftytwo: it is winter here, zulu..
zulugodetia(177): isnt it spring?
xaosfiftytwo: send a ticket over..
zulugodetia(177): dam mosquito banging his head on screen again, stoopit thing

rating:    - added on 2009-03-11 by xaosfiftytwo

Shining Pink Star
[23:58]derMandarin: well next round is your time to shine :D
[23:59]FSFabbri: If shinning is not a gay thing, I ll try to shine very bright!!
rating:    - added on 2009-03-09 by Mark

a quote within a quote :)
[00:53]zulugodetia: kiran please paste the following in quotes, my connection is faulty
[00:53]KiranY: ok
[00:53]derMandarin: lol
[00:53]zulugodetia: [21:10]derMandarin: just in case anyone wants to add me on AIM [21:10]derMandarin: my account handle is NakedTomHanks [21:11]derMandarin: I hope you guys now have a nice image in your mind. [21:11]KiranY(TM): yup [21:14]derMandarin: hehe [21:17]AcuWill: i visualize him witha lenin tatoo on his back
rating:    - added on 2009-03-08 by KiranY

bibbu's toilet noises, ha ha
[16:33]Bibbusque: zulugodetia: mmmmmbbbblllll grrrrrmmmmm wakawakagrrrr, mmmmbbbllllbb wtf??? zulu u was in toilets?
rating:    - added on 2009-03-06 by zulugodetia

Too Late Man
derMandarin(177): I am here now, do not worry!
derMandarin(177): already entered the "high" section several times.
derMandarin(177): just let me upload girlfriend website first
hundirector(IM)(177): oh cool
derMandarin(177): http://lehmden.com/demo/
derMandarin(177): I only tested on firefox linux so far
derMandarin(177): I bet there is lots of work for Internet Explorer to do
cjldx(177): of course...
cjldx(177): :-))
derMandarin(177): and of course images are uncompressed. page size is still too big.
hundirector(IM)(177): i like the figurine on the right
derMandarin(177): hand drawn by her
derMandarin(177): that is her job ;)
derMandarin(177): do you guys know her cartoons?
hundirector(IM)(177): i think i saw some of them once
xaosfiftytwo: Vice & Virtue rvisited :)
derMandarin(177): http://loam.deviantart.com/art/Vice-and-Virtue-50-100137150
derMandarin(177): 50th jubilee edition strip ;)
northridgehawk(177): was i in ne of them lol
northridgehawk(177): lol was it kinda cold at tha house that day mark :P
derMandarin(177): hehe
hundirector(IM)(177): poor rat lol
derMandarin(177): I even got my own sub series: "Too late man"
derMandarin(177): http://loam.deviantart.com/art/Vice-and-Virtue-54-100963435
derMandarin(177): with background story: http://loam.deviantart.com/art/Vice-and-Virtue-47-98026446 ;)
hundirector(IM)(177): probably better than being called too early man?:)
derMandarin(177): LOL probably ;)

rating:    - added on 2009-03-05 by xaosfiftytwo

But master, what of the cheese?
[22:51]zulugodetia: go 52 go!
[22:51]Introspection: Is he winning?
[22:51]zulugodetia: i think so
[22:51]Introspection: But master, what of the cheese?
[22:52]Introspection: My son, you must cut the cheese...
[22:52]Introspection: and with that there was a loud thunderous noise and a smoke filled the room.
rating:    - added on 2009-02-28 by zulugodetia

help! Im stuck in here! :)
Help, i just wanna find out if .... fics is down again, if you see this message, quote me back, with your answer, ha ha, stuck our here in cyber space,
william zools
rating:    - added on 2009-02-27 by zulugodetia

[17:10]zulugodetia: man, im a black blitz champion
[17:11]hundirector(IM): racist
rating:    - added on 2009-02-25 by zulugodetia

The Champion
[19:10]zulugodetia: heres the champion grisly,
[19:10]squib: :)) is just a saying we have here
[19:10]KiranY(TM): Notification: patgrisly has departed.
[19:10]zulugodetia: fame doesnt agree with him
[19:10]zulugodetia: :))
[19:11]squib: Notification: patgrisly does not know if his coming or going
[19:11]zulugodetia: these inconspicuous belgians
rating:    - added on 2009-02-24 by Mark