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Artificial Love
[17:16]TeamLeague(TD): I love you Intro!
rating:    - added on 2009-02-21 by Mark

[17:49]zulugodetia: do u think god can be sued?
[17:50]hundirector(IM): get a good lawyer
rating:    - added on 2009-02-20 by zulugodetia

rey's preference for women
ReyFeroz: i like thin and with face of babe
ReyFeroz: small girl body
ReyFeroz: 21 or 22 but small
ReyFeroz: becouse im too small
rating:    - added on 2009-02-20 by hundirector

God bibbs tells us how it was in the beggining
Bibbusque(2347): first day i created fics, second i created chess online, third i created bughose......last day i created players
rating:    - added on 2009-02-18 by XFrame

also Opinel know who i am
Opinel: wow
Opinel: jesus
Bibbusque: nah i am god

rating:    - added on 2009-02-18 by Bibbusque

morning in the 177
QueenChessy: hola bibbu
[11:11]Bibbusque: hola queen
[11:11]AdIsHaNkAr: hi bibbu
[11:11]Bibbusque: hi adita
[11:13]QueenChessy: who is adita?
[11:13]AdIsHaNkAr: me
[11:14]Bibbusque: lol
[11:14]QueenChessy: bibbu.. you're calling Adi like your sweetheart
[11:14]AdIsHaNkAr: haha :S
[11:14]Bibbusque: lol no queen u only are my queen
[11:14]Bibbusque: but ady i s going to meet me
[11:14]Bibbusque: u not
[11:15]QueenChessy: grrr
[11:16]Bibbusque: meeting in rome! its the fort time that 2 monkeys meet?
[11:16]Bibbusque: i mean first time
[11:16]AdIsHaNkAr: i am excited
[11:21]Bibbusque: go ady go
[11:22]Introspection: Hi Bibbu
[11:22]AdIsHaNkAr: hi intro
[11:22]Bibbusque: hi intro
[11:22]Bibbusque: intro, ady ll go to meet me soon
[11:23]Introspection: OH sorry, forgot I am in silence mode!
[11:23]Bibbusque: lol
[11:23]Introspection: There , that's better
[11:24]Introspection: Just wanted to let you know I got that game with Blitzmann adj. as a win...
[11:24]AdIsHaNkAr: cool
[11:24]Bibbusque: ahaha
[11:24]Bibbusque: cool
[11:24]AdIsHaNkAr: wow!
[11:25]Introspection: It was no contest, automatc automatic ruling
[11:26]Introspection: Going backinto Silence mode...

rating:    - added on 2009-02-16 by Bibbusque

squib eyes out mark's legs, eeeuuuw?
[00:38]squib: wolf wistle at mark ohhhh sexy legs
rating:    - added on 2009-02-13 by zulugodetia

Even Mark can lose it at times :)
23:48]derMandarin: and I see almost all games have been scheduled in time and where it is not the case the fics laws are currently on our side
[23:48]AdIsHaNkAr: what u mean mark?
[23:48]derMandarin: what I said
[23:49]AdIsHaNkAr: fics laws are on side ?!
[23:49]derMandarin: our side
[23:49]AdIsHaNkAr: in what sense?
[23:49]AdIsHaNkAr: which forum ?
[23:50]derMandarin: afe and evil
[23:50]AdIsHaNkAr: what happened there?
[23:51]derMandarin: not much by now except for our players posting offers
[23:52]AdIsHaNkAr: and abt the fics laws part?
[23:52]derMandarin: adiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[23:52]derMandarin: dont make me explain every word

rating:    - added on 2009-02-13 by KiranY

in this the sermon on the mount?
[17:13]derMandarin: during the game I thought "I should preach water and drink wine"
[17:13]derMandarin: thus I castled
rating:    - added on 2009-02-13 by zulugodetia

.. or a Reyferoz quote
ReyFeroz(101): i only talk in peace and love
rating:    - added on 2009-02-12 by hundirector