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hundi is a philosopher!!
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. -- hundirector
rating:    - added on 2008-09-06 by gGrungean

gay monkeys coming out the closet!
[23:07]zulugodetia: all piano teachers are gay, except intro
[23:07]squib: forgive zulu he is old and senile lol
[23:07]hundirector: he's a piano teacher?
[23:08]zulugodetia: imagine a gay life, must be so weird
[23:08]zulugodetia: imagine a gay life, must be so weird
[23:08]zulugodetia: hun, pass the sugar
[23:08]zulugodetia: sorry, meant hon
[23:08]squib: zulu you obsessed with gays dude
[23:08]zulugodetia: me no, never
[23:09]zulugodetia: my first job, as a designer, my art director was gay
[23:09]zulugodetia: very cool dude
[23:09]zulugodetia: we used toprank him, outside the darkroom, lol
[23:09]squib: i am gay
[23:09]hundirector: me too
[23:10]zulugodetia: me too,
[23:10]zulugodetia: still have to come out the closet
[23:10]zulugodetia: ha ha, squib and hun, gay, lol
[23:10]zulugodetia: kiran will give me 5 stars

rating:    - added on 2008-09-05 by zulugodetia

[02:27]hundirector: i dont want you guys scaring the feces outta me
[02:27]derMandarin: yeah especially our custom sound for lame jokes
[02:28]zulugodetia: yeah, kiran just got lucky with sounds about 2 weeks back
[02:28]derMandarin: you seem to have a special place in your heart for feces. at least you mention feces quite often

rating:    - added on 2008-09-05 by KiranY

Hundirector, a she or a he?
[23:46]AkisGanis: well I traveled around the world 3-4 times, was lucky not to fall out of it
[23:46]hundirector: on the meaning of life.. and stuff
[23:46]zulugodetia: aki, stop agreeing with hun, just because he's slightly better than i am
[23:46]hundirector: im also much smarter
[23:46]hundirector: and way cooler
[23:46]AkisGanis: start the discworld 36 books amazing laughs, moving pictures was a laugh
[23:47]hundirector: and my gf is bitchin
[23:47]KiranY(TM): poor zulu..
[23:47]AkisGanis: hundirector you are a he? I thought you were a she...
[23:47]zulugodetia: no, i insist, i am cooler, look, picture,
[23:47]hundirector: wat

rating:    - added on 2008-09-05 by KiranY

hun and zulu doing business :)
[23:46]hundirector: is there a smiley that looks a prostitute thats choking a gorilla with an extension cord
[23:46]zulugodetia: which version do u want hun, a), b) or d)
[23:47]derMandarin: awesome
[23:47]gGrungean: hahaha, zools
[23:47]hundirector: im gonna go with b)
[23:47]zulugodetia: b), oh sorry, sold out, i have a good offer on d)
[23:48]hundirector: haha. you're a scam
[23:48]gGrungean: hahaha
[23:48]hundirector: i'll take my business elsewhere
[23:48]zulugodetia: ok, wait, we can talk, wait
[23:48]derMandarin: lol
[23:48]zulugodetia: i have a special deal for u
[23:48]hundirector: really?
[23:48]zulugodetia: u can have a), for half the price of d)
[23:48]hundirector: does it involve bending over
[23:49]zulugodetia: no soap, just a clean deal
[23:49]hundirector: k
[23:49]Introspection: monkey business
[23:49]zulugodetia: ha ha
[23:49]zulugodetia: ok, yours for a bargain, hun
[23:49]zulugodetia: i sound like naidoo, lol
rating:    - added on 2008-09-04 by KiranY

Adios amigo
[12:47]QueenChessy: when a woman leaves.... she will always come back,,, bye guys
rating:    - added on 2008-09-03 by Evilthunder

The well known secret
[12:40]Evilthunder: hey queen u leaving?
[12:40]Evilthunder: watch me to take the revenge
[12:40]zulugodetia: ha ha, et is in love
[12:40]QueenChessy: that's natural for a woman to leave
rating:    - added on 2008-09-03 by Evilthunder

or hanged?
[12:01]squib: got to kill some 1 tonight
[12:01]squib: want a game zule
[12:01]zulugodetia: no thanks
[12:01]zulugodetia: brain on pause

rating:    - added on 2008-09-03 by Evilthunder

changing pant looks like a good sollution
[11:41]Evilthunder: carefull squib kiranys speciality is his endgame
[11:41]squib: i know lol
[11:42]squib: thats why i am now #$%&ting myself
[11:43]Evilthunder: relax dont panic,its just a frndly ame
[11:43]KiranY: hehe
[11:44]squib: i am relaxed just need to change my pants
[11:45]Evilthunder: going to the quotes page..
[11:45]KiranY: lol
[11:46]AdIsHaNkAr: haha

rating:    - added on 2008-09-03 by Evilthunder

whats the best time control??
[10:45]squib: no fr less than 30 30
[10:46]zulugodetia: 1933 vs 2030 std 20 20, come on kiran, just a friendly rated game, come on
10:46]Evilthunder: nvr evr post a seek like that squib ppl will call u crazy
[10:46]KiranY: friendly unrated game
[10:46]squib: ok
[10:46]KiranY: ok
[10:46]Evilthunder: ok
[10:46]zulugodetia: ok
[10:46]KiranY: 20 20 std unrated
[10:46]KiranY: finally negotiations are over
[10:46]Evilthunder: lets dance
[10:47]squib: ok ok lets just play somthing lol
[10:47]KiranY: lol
[10:47]zulugodetia: , its ok kiran
[10:47]derMandarin: man that almost took as long as a 20 20 game

rating:    - added on 2008-09-03 by Evilthunder