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memory problems?
[13:13]derMandarin: who am I?
rating:    - added on 2008-07-19 by zulugodetia

where's dermanderin?
No quote, just a statement, wheres the dude, i'm going to fire him, to busy playing creative director?, get your priorities right, chess is life!
rating:    - added on 2008-07-15 by zulugodetia

GG thinks a lot and kiran has a girl called "waitforit"
[17:19]zulugodetia: i catch myself talking to myself lately in the garden, whilst having a smoke, lol, dog thinks im bonkers
[17:19]gGrungean: hahaha
[17:20]gGrungean: i dont think aloud, but think a lot, colleagues in my office wonder what i am doing
[17:20]zulugodetia: thank god, the dog doesnt talk
[17:20]gGrungean: usually, i think abt some chess position, lol
[17:20]gGrungean: you have a dog?
[17:20]zulugodetia: total chess addict
[17:20]gGrungean: guess thats mandatory in SA
[17:20]gGrungean: i hate dogs
[17:20]zulugodetia: yes a labrador called, wait for it
[17:21]zulugodetia: very original name
[17:21]zulugodetia: !BCS->(suspense)
[17:21]gGrungean: i brought some chicken parcel yesterday, street dog came running to me!
[17:21]KiranY(TM): haha
[17:21]KiranY(TM): i thought it was 'wait for it'
[17:21]gGrungean: haha
[17:21]zulugodetia: ha ha
[17:21]gGrungean: WAITFORIT
[17:21]gGrungean: sounds very african
[17:21]zulugodetia: that would have been a dam good name, kiran, lol
[17:22]gGrungean: that is kiran's girl's name
[17:22]zulugodetia: no hes name is "rusty"
[17:22]zulugodetia: i wasnt responsible
[17:22]KiranY(TM): bah original huh?
[17:22]gGrungean: he plays strong chess, this rusty
[17:22]KiranY(TM): lol gg
[17:22]gGrungean: goes by slightly different handle on fics
[17:22]zulugodetia: every 2nd dog is called rusty lol
[17:22]gGrungean: rustic
[17:22]zulugodetia: ha ha
[17:21]gGrungean: WAITFORIT, [17:22]gGrungean: that is kiran's girl's name
(17:24]zulugodetia: ha ha ha ha
[17:24]zulugodetia: gG's on form, lol
[17:24]KiranY(TM): tubelight
[17:24]gGrungean: you understand "tubelight" zools?
[17:25]gGrungean: i guess he is thinking
[17:25]KiranY(TM): lol
[17:25]zulugodetia: waitforit, come here want to give you a kiss, lol
[17:25]KiranY(TM): omg gg is banging
[17:25]zulugodetia: she says, no, not tonight, "wait for it kiran"!
[17:25]gGrungean: hahaha
rating:    - added on 2008-07-09 by zulugodetia

even monkeys can play chess
[16:02]zulugodetia: notice how they eat a banana at wimbledon, during breaks
[16:02]dstrout: that's about potassium for cramps
[16:03]zulugodetia: before it was a chocolate bar, now its a banana?
[16:03]zulugodetia: oh, is that why?
[16:03]zulugodetia: anti-cramp?
[16:03]Guyus: bananas have loads of benefits
[16:03]zulugodetia: oh no, i thought bananas made you play good tennis
[16:04]Guyus: you could probably train a monkey to play tennis if you gave him enough bananas
rating:    - added on 2008-07-08 by zulugodetia

i dont know?, you tell me?
[20:44]squib: i do not ride bikes the helmet messes my cool hair
rating:    - added on 2008-07-04 by zulugodetia

Latest chess books!, Order your copy, before they are sold out!
[12:30]Bibbusque: mmm
[12:31]Bibbusque: and pollock is arrivated now
[12:31]Bibbusque: mmm
[12:31]zulugodetia: mighty pollock,
[12:31]pollock: i arrivated?
[12:31]Bibbusque: pollock is migthy?
[12:31]Bibbusque: bibbu is supermegaultramighty!
[12:32]pollock: hello master bibbo
[12:32]Bibbusque: hello great pollock
[12:32]Bibbusque: pollock is a legend
[12:33]pollock: yes many chess books about me
[12:33]zulugodetia: a legionaire,
[12:33]Bibbusque: many book (also chess) about me
[12:33]pollock: are theior myths about about bibbo?
[12:33]pollock: yes i roman chess warrir
[12:34]Bibbusque: pollock is a roman?
[12:34]Bibbusque: great pollock!
[12:34]zulugodetia: lol
[12:34]pollock: no no zulu say i legionaire
[12:34]Bibbusque: pollock is a legionarie?
[12:35]pollock: for chess yes @_
[12:35]Bibbusque: pollock u are the best!
[12:35]pollock: stab stab shield
[12:35]Bibbusque: if u are a legionarie..i am sure a god
[12:35]pollock: i have nice battle helmet aswell
[12:35]pollock: lol !
rating:    - added on 2008-07-01 by zulugodetia

minutes before an ocl game
[17:44]zulugodetia: i i play play in in 15 min minutes, l, lo, lol
[17:44]zulugodetia: and im im not not nerv nervous
[17:44]hugenerd: so you've gone insane then?
[17:44]zulugodetia: :)
[17:44]KiranY: g o z u l u g o

rating:    - added on 2008-06-30 by zulugodetia

Zulu pretends to be my OCL opponent petlya
hello ggrungean,
me scared playing of you,
me hearing you good player,
can me offer you draw?
pleasa leting i know

i am obliged
rating:    - added on 2008-06-27 by gGrungean

Hyper in a sweet mood!
[19:02]zulugodetia: sounds gay
[19:02]gGrungean: you guys talk much!
[19:02]AkisGanis: garden of Eden, gay?
[19:02]AkisGanis: roflol
[19:02]gGrungean: good night
[19:02]AkisGanis: c ya gG
[19:02]HyperMagnus: don't listen to him Akis
[19:02]HyperMagnus: zulu is very rude
[19:03]AkisGanis: nah zuzlu is just playing with me
[19:03]HyperMagnus: you have a very beautiful sounding name
[19:03]AkisGanis: we had a nice talk
rating:    - added on 2008-06-23 by zulugodetia

ADi's awesome entrance
[09:58]AdiShankaR: Who am I? A U1400a Monkey soon to be a GM
rating:    - added on 2008-06-22 by DMJJMD