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squib vs purplepawns and the fans are deep into it!
smallblackcat(2026): the maneouvring continues
HotDonut(1942): were a bit bette here?
smallblackcat(2026): if you mean 'we're a bit better', I would say yes
HotDonut(1942): indee i do mean tha
smallblackcat(2026): are you eating or something?
ktmare(1830): lol
zulugodetia: ha ha cat, lol

rating:    - added on 2009-07-05 by zulugodetia

[12:11]AdIsHaNkAr: i figured it out!
[12:12]AdIsHaNkAr: i am not naked!

rating:    - added on 2009-07-05 by zulugodetia

U1600 talk
[20:32]zulugodetia: think your team can muster up some points this round?
[20:32]zulugodetia: :p
[20:33]Introspection: Aren't you on my team?
[20:34]zulugodetia: ha ha ofcourse
rating:    - added on 2009-07-01 by Mark

our very own monkey fakir
[21:05]KiranY: i have walked on burning coal zulu, sitting on nails is nothing
rating:    - added on 2009-07-01 by zulugodetia

mach 3 shave for REAL MEN!
[13:35]Introspection: If the earth is 25000 miles at eh EQ and rotates once a day, what is the speed?
[13:35]ErnestHemingway: u up for a game, guy?
[13:36]Guyus: okay, I will destroy you
[13:36]Introspection: WOW!
[13:36]Introspection: (alarm)
[13:36]KiranY(TM): (bell)
[13:36]zulugodetia: 25000 divide by 24, surely not
[13:36]Guyus: jk, I love you Ernie
[13:36]ErnestHemingway: stop buttering up, guy
[13:36]Introspection: Hi Ki
[13:36]ErnestHemingway: i wont let u win like that
[13:37]zulugodetia: so the earth spins around at mach one?
[13:37]Introspection: Yes, Zu the earth moves that fast at the equator.
[13:37]zulugodetia: so the earth spins around at mach one?
[13:37]Introspection: It has to.
[13:37]zulugodetia: so how come im not dizzy
[13:37]zulugodetia: no we have goofed in our sums, ha ha
[13:38]KiranY(TM): i have a mach 3 razor
[13:38]Introspection: lol
[13:38]Introspection: quick shave

rating:    - added on 2009-06-24 by zulugodetia

:)) cannibals
[12:23]cjldx: I'm from France
[12:23]cjldx: Limoges exactly
[12:23]ErnestHemingway: yeah, i figured ;)P
[12:23]zulugodetia: he eats frogs
[12:23]ErnestHemingway: which part?
[12:23]zulugodetia: he eats frogs
[12:23]cjldx: :))
[12:23]cjldx: YES
[12:23]zulugodetia: and snails
[12:23]cjldx: snails ?
[12:23]cjldx: escargots ?
[12:23]zulugodetia: escargot
[12:23]ErnestHemingway: thats a common misconception about the french zulu - they are, in fact, cannibals
[12:24]cjldx: YES i eat snails
rating:    - added on 2009-06-21 by zulugodetia

[21:19]squib: zools has moments of sheer genius
[21:20]zulugodetia: no comment :))
[21:20]squib: ahhhhhh the moment has passed :))
[21:20]squib: :))

- added on 2009-06-19 by squib

rating:    - added on 2009-06-19 by zulugodetia

now that would be real speed!
[20:34]squib: if god wanted us to run we would have been born with starting pistols up our asses

rating:    - added on 2009-06-19 by zulugodetia

nerd complex?
[20:34]CrazyHunter: its wierd... i totally don't look like a nerd
rating:    - added on 2009-06-19 by zulugodetia

chick gets smart
[02:36]AcuWill: chick on
[02:36]linuxchick: howsit, AcuWill?
[02:36]AcuWill: good, how are you?
[02:36]linuxchick: hehe, doing good, how abt you?
[02:36]AcuWill: pretty freaking good. Have you been laid lately?
[02:36]linuxchick: havent been there lately either.
[02:36]Introspection: Well not always, not when we need win as in last round.
[02:36]AcuWill: no, you know, hit the sack?
[02:36]linuxchick: kiran u next on my hit list.
[02:36]linuxchick: hmm..what is this mumbo jumbo?
[02:37]AcuWill: chick off
[02:37]linuxchick: ciao, AcuWill

rating:    - added on 2009-06-18 by KiranY