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Belgians take the clothes off their potatoes???!!!
[12:28]xaosfiftytwo: peel potatoes
[12:28]zulugodetia: corvee de patates
[12:29]xaosfiftytwo: exactly
[12:29]xaosfiftytwo: pataten jassen
[12:30]zulugodetia: ha ha, chase potatoes, lol
[12:30]xaosfiftytwo: thats how it is said in flemish
[12:30]zulugodetia: ok
[12:30]zulugodetia: or jas, as in jacket?
[12:31]xaosfiftytwo: jas = vest, yes
[12:31]zulugodetia: skin?
[12:31]xaosfiftytwo: 'derobe' potatoes
[12:31]zulugodetia: oh, ok
[12:31]zulugodetia: kinky belgians
[12:31]xaosfiftytwo: :))

rating:    - added on 2009-06-14 by zulugodetia

the feeling
[19:12]linuxchick: you want me to hold the chicken, huh?
[19:12]Guyus: choke the chicken
[19:12]linuxchick: I know the feeling

rating:    - added on 2009-06-08 by Guyus

to sue!, or not to sue!
[20:13]zulugodetia: ernest says thanks zulu
[20:13]ErnestHemingway: no, i didnt
[20:13]ErnestHemingway: thats a balant lie
rating:    - added on 2009-06-07 by zulugodetia

if castle is a relic then what is zulu?
[00:55]zulugodetia: castle how old are you, only really old people play correspondence
[00:55]castleden: oh very funny haha
[00:55]castleden: 34
[00:55]zulugodetia: 34 ha ha, a relic lol
[00:55]seberg: ahahaha
[00:56]KiranY: lol
[00:56]castleden: lol
[00:56]zulugodetia: its ok, we wont blame u
[00:56]KiranY: castle guess zulu's age
[00:56]castleden: when youre my age u dont get guilty
[00:56]zulugodetia: have u got a retrement plan?
[00:57]castleden: zulu is maybe 11
[00:57]castleden: a mature 11
[00:57]seberg: I still think zulu is about my age, so 23 ... mentally

rating:    - added on 2009-06-04 by KiranY

the future
[20:22]zulugodetia: one day people will laugh at us!, "what women use to give birth via their vaginas"?, "how weird"!, babies will be born in incubators
rating:    - added on 2009-06-02 by Guyus

don't sex yet! :)) ???
[21:19]zulugodetia: its so cold here jp, brrrr
[21:19]zulugodetia: going to reach near freezing tonight
[21:20]zulugodetia: my poor cycad, i never put a blanket on him or her, dont sex yet
[21:20]zulugodetia: ha ha, dont know sex yet
[21:21]zulugodetia: ha ha, its get better
[21:21]zulugodetia: what i meant is: i dont know the sex of the cycad, lol]

rating:    - added on 2009-06-01 by zulugodetia

pink elephants are so out-dated!
[22:11]hundirector(IM): what if you found out
[22:12]hundirector(IM): that God was a giant pink plush rabbit
[22:12]squib: that would be awsome
[22:13]zulugodetia: how giant?, like 3 stories high or higher?
[22:13]hundirector(IM): 3 solar systems tall and 1.2 solar systems wide
[22:14]KiranY: could be
[22:14]zulugodetia: wow ok, some pink wabbit that!

rating:    - added on 2009-05-29 by zulugodetia

no 2 peeps can pee the same distance?
[22:08]zulugodetia: i cant believe that with billions of people, all the thumb prints are different, i think someone is talking oooo aaa
[22:08]squib: same goes for eyes
[22:09]zulugodetia: oh?
[22:09]zulugodetia: do twins have same thumb prints i wonder?
[22:09]hundirector(IM): but eyes you can poke out
[22:09]hundirector(IM): with fingers
[22:09]hundirector(IM): but it doesnt go the other way now, does it.
[22:09]squib: yes and no 2 peeps can pee the same distance
rating:    - added on 2009-05-29 by zulugodetia

an analysis of indian folk
[20:03]KiranY(TM): yeah we are horny
rating:    - added on 2009-05-29 by zulugodetia

some guys have all the luck?!
KiranY: hun was a patzer he had a mild stroke and became IM
[20:35]hundirector(IM): how did u know? :))
rating:    - added on 2009-05-28 by zulugodetia