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when a frenchmen is about to eat a meal, the correct thing to say is, bonne anniversaire!
20:40]derMandarin: j'ai une toure eiffel dans mes pantalons.
[20:40]justmeandyou: mouahahahahah
[20:41]cjldx: a l'endroit ou a` l'envers ?
[20:41]zulugodetia: :))
[20:41]zulugodetia: :))
[20:41]derMandarin: incurve
[20:41]derMandarin: a gauche
[20:41]cjldx: psychologic problem
[20:41]zulugodetia: :))
[20:42]derMandarin: :(
[20:42]xaosfiftytwo: talk to eliza!
[20:42]zulugodetia: :))
[20:42]cjldx: c u later i have to go eating !
[20:42]derMandarin: bonne anniversaire
[20:42]zulugodetia: :)
[20:42]cjldx: it's not this day
rating:    - added on 2009-03-30 by zulugodetia

hun's bro...
[20:38]zulugodetia: isnt prodigy a young promissing dude
[20:38]zulugodetia: like hun's 4 year old brother
[20:38]KiranY(TM): yeah
[20:39]KiranY(TM): a huge gap aint it?
[20:39]zulugodetia: yes, it was a mistake
[20:39]zulugodetia: :))
[20:39]KiranY: :))

rating:    - added on 2009-03-30 by KiranY

kid of 5 beats me!, thanks for the motivation, i'm really feeling good now?
[21:28]hundirector(IM): of course not, he's 4
[21:29]KiranY(TM): lol
[21:29]zulugodetia: u brother is 4
[21:29]hundirector(IM): yea
[21:29]hundirector(IM): a yr from now he'll beat u zulu! lol
rating:    - added on 2009-03-29 by zulugodetia

New oppening
Zbigg(177): I play g5 after e4
Zbigg(177): new opening
XFrame(177): looool
XFrame(177): is it nice?
Zbigg(177): very easy
XFrame(177): im fine :) but not so fine i only play e5 :(
cjldx(177): what is the name of this oppening ?
Zbigg(177): I dunno
Zbigg(177): maybe grob reversed
cjldx(177): "ZGrob oppening"
rating:    - added on 2009-03-28 by cjldx

kitchen cleaning is hazardous: BEWARE!
[20:44]derMandarin: I think she is mad because she has no fitting dress for the ball.
[20:44]derMandarin: at least she complaint about it before.
[20:44]derMandarin: ok, she is on to me now.
[20:44]derMandarin: apparantly I misplaced the salt and pepper shakers when cleaning the kitchen. they are not in their appropriate places.
[20:44]derMandarin: guys, if I do not make it - I really liked you.
[20:45]XFrame: thats why i dont clean the kitchen
rating:    - added on 2009-03-26 by zulugodetia

Reactions to linuxchick pics...
25-03 22:28: hchinaski(177): that's a good one
25-03 22:28: hchinaski(177):I litereally went to click it before I started laughing
26-03 01:41: ErnestHemingway(177): u are a liar, chick - there aint no pictures ;)
26-03 01:41: ErnestHemingway(177): how do we even know u are a damsel?
26-03 01:54: QueenChessy(177) lol
26-03 01:59: Introspection(177): Cyberdamsel

rating:    - added on 2009-03-26 by xaosfiftytwo

Just for the record
[19:40]derMandarin: brb, gonna shave my legs now
rating:    - added on 2009-03-25 by XFrame

Safe Chess
FlorinC(FM): you must go to sleep or one more?
XFrame: i will stay here for a while. would love to play you again FlorinC(FM): good
FlorinC(FM): I have some condome here
rating:    - added on 2009-03-24 by Mark

Pamela Anderson
XFrame: but man... i thought my mom was the most patient person in the world
XFrame: but looks like you are up there fighting with her
hundirector: right?!
XFrame: definitely. (IM) thingy is a pain in the ass
hundirector: i usually ignore guest tells
XFrame: you are on fics like pamela anderson
hundirector: without the boobs
rating:    - added on 2009-03-23 by hundirector

weird guest challenge
[23:05]GuestPCLT(U): Hi
[23:05]hundirector: sup
[23:06]GuestPCLT(U): not much... I sure wish I had that (IM) thing next to my nick!
[23:07]GuestPCLT(U): Are you here often?
[23:08]GuestPCLT(U): I would like to ask you something
[23:09]hundirector: im here a lot, but dont play much
[23:11]GuestPCLT(U): Are you busy atm? (I'm not gonna ask you to play a game :))
[23:13]hundirector: im working on the other screen, but its ok
[23:13]GuestPCLT(U): ok hm... here is the thing
[23:15]GuestPCLT(U): I am coming back to chess ( i quit playing for a couple of years). Since i want to get seriously into it, i need something that would motivate me
[23:16]GuestPCLT(U): I would like to challenge you to a match (not a big thing, just 'for fun', maybe a couple of games...)
[23:17]GuestPCLT(U): I would like to work on my chess for 3 months and then play with you
[23:17]GuestPCLT(U): (3 months from now). Would you be OK with that?
[23:17]hundirector: i'd probably only have time for blitz, if its not just a single game
[23:19]GuestPCLT(U): I understand
[23:19]GuestPCLT(U): but you would give me a game?
[23:20]hundirector: sure
[23:21]hundirector: do you have a registered accoutn here
[23:21]GuestPCLT(U): not yet
[23:22]GuestPCLT(U): I might create one although i don't care if the game(s) is/are rated or not
[23:22]GuestPCLT(U): it doesn't matter to me
[23:22]GuestPCLT(U): All I need is an objective
[23:23]GuestPCLT(U): and if you agree to this, then i think I have one :)
[23:24]hundirector: register, fics is good for yer chess too :)
[23:25]hundirector: there are a bunch of other strong players too, if you need a game, anytime
[23:25]GuestPCLT(U): Actually, if I start working on my chess again (and i'm going to), I won't be here anymore
[23:26]hundirector: still, register plz, i often miss guest tells
[23:26]hundirector: drop me a message with your registered name, so i'll know its you
[23:27]GuestPCLT(U): is it ok if i register in 2 months or so?
[23:27]hundirector: sure
[23:27]GuestPCLT(U): ok...
[23:27]GuestPCLT(U): so...
[23:28]GuestPCLT(U): are you agreeing to this?
[23:29]hundirector: yea, if you train liek 3 months you totally deserve a game
[23:29]hundirector: hehe
[23:29]GuestPCLT(U): trust me
[23:29]GuestPCLT(U): i will
[23:29]hundirector: no i mean like regardless of your actual lvl in chess
[23:29]GuestPCLT(U): so is it a yes?
[23:29]hundirector: yes
[23:29]GuestPCLT(U): Thank you... very much!
[23:30]GuestPCLT(U): now, I have an objective
[23:30]GuestPCLT(U): and I love it!
[23:31]GuestPCLT(U): Congratulations on your IM title ... last time I checked, you weren't an IM
[23:31]hundirector: in 3 months i'll probably be abroad, so its possible that i wont be on fics too much. use "message hundirector blah-blah-blah" to send me a message a few days before the game
[23:31]hundirector: msgs are forwarded to my email so i wont miss it
[23:31]GuestPCLT(U): ok... how do i know your adress?
[23:32]hundirector: you dont, its automatic
[23:32]GuestPCLT(U): hm...
[23:32]GuestPCLT(U): so just: ' message handle text' ?
[23:32]hundirector: yes
[23:32]GuestPCLT(U): ok
[23:33]GuestPCLT(U): it's sunday march 22
[23:35]GuestPCLT(U): monday June 22
[23:35]GuestPCLT(U): I'll be ready
[23:36]GuestPCLT(U): Thank you very much
[23:37]hundirector: good luck :)
[23:37]GuestPCLT(U): Thank you :)
[23:37]GuestPCLT(U): 1st step:
[23:37]GuestPCLT(U): no FICS anymore
[23:38]GuestPCLT(U): Thank you very much, really
[23:38]GuestPCLT(U): I appreciate it
[23:38]hundirector: no problem dude
[23:38]hundirector: im all for chess development! :)
[23:39]GuestPCLT(U): Chess is...
[23:39]GuestPCLT(U): I don't know...
[23:40]GuestPCLT(U): you know what I mean... :)
[23:41]GuestPCLT(U): I' ll message you to make sure everything is OK
[23:41]GuestPCLT(U): Thank you!
rating:    - added on 2009-03-23 by hundirector