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Enjoy your dinner
[20:25]Introspection: Hi CJ, Pgg and Nebri playing
[20:26]cjldx: Hi intro thx but i just look here for a few seconds because it's time to eat
[20:26]northridgehawk: oooooooooo gotcha
[20:27]Introspection: ok Bon ape tit
[20:27]Introspection: er... apetit
[20:27]xaosfiftytwo: enjoy your ape tits :))
rating:    - added on 2010-01-23 by Mark

happy holidays


ps: im still alive

rating:    - added on 2009-12-24 by hundirector

We have a great story-teller amongs us
AkisGanis(177) on a deserted greek island
AkisGanis(177) there is a castaway
AkisGanis(177) he is there 5 years
AkisGanis(177) as he stares the sea
AkisGanis(177) a beautyful woman
AkisGanis(177) in a diving suit rises
AkisGanis(177) and comes towards him
AkisGanis(177) she says
xaosfiftytwo(177) dont stop now
AkisGanis(177) I bet it is a long time you had seen a pair of these and she zips
AkisGanis(177) down
AkisGanis(177) her zipper to her breasts
AkisGanis(177) the castaway
AkisGanis(177) has his mot oppened
AkisGanis(177) in a gap
AkisGanis(177) she takes her hand
AkisGanis(177) and brngs out
AkisGanis(177) a pack of camel soft pack
AkisGanis(177) and a lighter
AkisGanis(177) the castaway
AkisGanis(177) lights a cigarette
AkisGanis(177) with tremblng hands
AkisGanis(177) and says thank you
AkisGanis(177) it has been 5 years
AkisGanis(177) i had not soed
AkisGanis(177) with a seducing voce
AkisGanis(177) voice
AkisGanis(177) the lady continues to unzip her ziper further down to her waste
AkisGanis(177) and says
AkisGanis(177) i bet you have a long time to feel dizzy too
AkisGanis(177) the castaway is sweating
AkisGanis(177) lghts another cigarette
AkisGanis(177) and starts trembling again
AkisGanis(177) the lady produces a chivas reagal 5 years old
AkisGanis(177) the castaway is drinking
AkisGanis(177) smoking
AkisGanis(177) but the lady continues
AkisGanis(177) unziping
AkisGanis(177) and she tells him
AkisGanis(177) you had a cigarette
AkisGanis(177) you had a whiskey
AkisGanis(177) what else do you need? and smiles seducingly
AkisGanis(177) the castaway says
AkisGanis(177) tell me yu got a playstaytion portable in there and I will start crying
xaosfiftytwo(177) lol
xaosfiftytwo(177) very nice story, akis
AkisGanis(177) greek summer joke
xaosfiftytwo(177) you have a talent there

rating:    - added on 2009-07-20 by xaosfiftytwo

Old and Ugly
[22:46]zulugodetia: [22:44]Oppermann: i would give anything to see zulu ;D :))
[22:47]zulugodetia: opp im an ugly old dude, what u want with me?
[22:47]Oppermann: i totally dig ugly old dudes
[22:47]hundirector(IM): maybe thats his thing..
rating:    - added on 2009-09-07 by Mark

Zulu pretends to be my OCL opponent petlya
hello ggrungean,
me scared playing of you,
me hearing you good player,
can me offer you draw?
pleasa leting i know

i am obliged
rating:    - added on 2008-06-27 by gGrungean

Poor KiranY
[19:47]KiranY(TM): long time no see boobs
rating:    - added on 2009-03-19 by Mark

Books for improvement
[19:57]zulugodetia: got any chess books, “how to win chess games”?
[19:57]zulugodetia: the easy way
[19:57]Oppermann: no im reading “Kamasutra for Experts”
[19:58]zulugodetia: whats your kamasutra rating?
[19:58]Oppermann: 69
[19:58]ggrungean: lol
rating:    - added on 2008-06-06 by Mark

don't sex yet! :)) ???
[21:19]zulugodetia: its so cold here jp, brrrr
[21:19]zulugodetia: going to reach near freezing tonight
[21:20]zulugodetia: my poor cycad, i never put a blanket on him or her, dont sex yet
[21:20]zulugodetia: ha ha, dont know sex yet
[21:21]zulugodetia: ha ha, its get better
[21:21]zulugodetia: what i meant is: i dont know the sex of the cycad, lol]

rating:    - added on 2009-06-01 by zulugodetia

[21:54]pgg: rubber squib
[21:54]pgg: gimp :))
[21:54]pgg: oops scratch
[21:54]Dreadtower: lol
[21:56]Myob: gimp lolololol
[21:58]derMandarin: hahaha
[21:58]pgg: the movie Pulp Fiction, "well Zen, lets bring out the gimp" ...
[21:58]pgg: Gimp comes out and says "h3"
[21:59]onomatopeia: gimp= grandma is making poo?
rating:    - added on 2010-04-01 by onomatopeia

Test Quote
0:00]Introspection: This is a test of the emergency Quotecasting System. If this had been an actual quote, you would have been notified in advance. Carry on, lads!
rating:    - added on 2008-11-30 by Introspection