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kitchen cleaning is hazardous: BEWARE!
[20:44]derMandarin: I think she is mad because she has no fitting dress for the ball.
[20:44]derMandarin: at least she complaint about it before.
[20:44]derMandarin: ok, she is on to me now.
[20:44]derMandarin: apparantly I misplaced the salt and pepper shakers when cleaning the kitchen. they are not in their appropriate places.
[20:44]derMandarin: guys, if I do not make it - I really liked you.
[20:45]XFrame: thats why i dont clean the kitchen
rating:    - added on 2009-03-26 by zulugodetia

now u decide?
[15:22]AdIsHaNkAr: when i smile i look like a pervert
rating:    - added on 2009-07-16 by zulugodetia

[12:11]AdIsHaNkAr: i figured it out!
[12:12]AdIsHaNkAr: i am not naked!

rating:    - added on 2009-07-05 by zulugodetia

whatever is available, lol
[19:38]hundirector: im eating grapes and popcorn
[19:38]KiranY: eww
[19:38]zulugodetia: thats the weirdest combination of food i have ever heard of
[19:38]zulugodetia: thats the weirdest combination of food i have ever heard of
[19:38]gGrungean: hundi eats whatever is available to him
[19:38]KiranY: thats so crazy
[19:39]hundirector: oh yea, i have a very sophisticated taste haha
[19:39]gGrungean: grapes and pop corn!!! hahaha
rating:    - added on 2008-09-30 by zulugodetia

lucky ghosts?, lol
[15:31]zulugodetia: but the main thing ive learned recently, is not to see ghosts
[15:31]Implications: You know the solution?
[15:31]Implications: Lose a lot. Until it doesn't matter.
[15:31]hundirector: and what do you feel when you're losing?
[15:31]zulugodetia: ghosts are very bad, they freeze your brain
[15:31]zulugodetia: ghosts are very bad, they freeze your brain
[15:31]hundirector: scared of winning by accident?
[15:31]Implications: LOL Hun.

rating:    - added on 2008-09-25 by zulugodetia

Reactions to linuxchick pics...
25-03 22:28: hchinaski(177): that's a good one
25-03 22:28: hchinaski(177):I litereally went to click it before I started laughing
26-03 01:41: ErnestHemingway(177): u are a liar, chick - there aint no pictures ;)
26-03 01:41: ErnestHemingway(177): how do we even know u are a damsel?
26-03 01:54: QueenChessy(177) lol
26-03 01:59: Introspection(177): Cyberdamsel

rating:    - added on 2009-03-26 by xaosfiftytwo

is this an hereditary condition?
[11:49]Implications: Vee Vi Vo Vum, I svell the vlood of a vhessman.
rating:    - added on 2008-10-30 by zulugodetia

The naked truth
[16:04]KiranY(TM): yes i want to see your nude pic et :)
[16:04]Evilthunder: what?u want to see what kirany?
[16:04]zulugodetia: :O
[16:04]zulugodetia: noodle pic
[16:04]KiranY(TM): you mentioned once that you play on fics nude :))
[16:05]Evilthunder: blab! have i forgot to ever mention i am nothing but a big liar?:D
rating:    - added on 2008-11-08 by Mark

Three things a chess player always says ...
xecutor(177): Three things that Chess player always say
xecutor(177): :
zulugodetia(177): !BCS->(suspense)
xecutor(177): 1) "I'm underrated, by at least 200 points, I'd be higher if I didn't play so many games while half asleep"
xecutor(177): 2) "I played better even though I lost... so he doesn't deserve..."
zulugodetia(177): i) is me, :))
zulugodetia(177): no 2) is me
xecutor(177): 3) "He is just being a tactical cheapshot... no deep ideas...."
xecutor(177): 4) "I hope I can score with hot babes!"
zulugodetia(177): :))
xecutor(177): Oops, that's four.
zulugodetia(177): :))
xaosfiftytwo(177): all 4 is me :)
zulugodetia(177): :)) :)) :))

rating:    - added on 2008-11-02 by xaosfiftytwo

an interesting game
Vanh: any game to observe?
zulugodetia: me
Vanh: i mean interesting games to observe....
Bibbusque: LOL

rating:    - added on 2008-12-03 by Bibbusque