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kid of 5 beats me!, thanks for the motivation, i'm really feeling good now?
[21:28]hundirector(IM): of course not, he's 4
[21:29]KiranY(TM): lol
[21:29]zulugodetia: u brother is 4
[21:29]hundirector(IM): yea
[21:29]hundirector(IM): a yr from now he'll beat u zulu! lol
rating:    - added on 2009-03-29 by zulugodetia

Cheering up gGrungean
[20:20]derMandarin: group hug for ggrungean
[20:20]KiranY(TM): lets strangle him :)
[20:20]gGrungean: thanks :)
rating:    - added on 2008-08-27 by Mark

[17:49]zulugodetia: do u think god can be sued?
[17:50]hundirector(IM): get a good lawyer
rating:    - added on 2009-02-20 by zulugodetia

what about vaginas and tits?
[22:27]derMandarin: maybe we should leave out all questions involving asses and penises for the first version of the faq
[22:27]derMandarin: might run itno trouble with the "society of always angry FICS mums"

rating:    - added on 2008-11-27 by zulugodetia

God bibbs tells us how it was in the beggining
Bibbusque(2347): first day i created fics, second i created chess online, third i created bughose......last day i created players
rating:    - added on 2009-02-18 by XFrame

openings are really tough!
[22:24]zulugodetia: damm have to work on hun principles
[22:24]AdIsHaNkAr: on humping principles?
[22:24]zulugodetia: ha ha,
[22:25]hundirector: i can give you tips on that too
[22:25]hundirector: im sort of a self-made expert
[22:25]zulugodetia: on opening or end game?
[22:26]hundirector: my openings are rather weak i'd say
[22:26]hundirector: still have to work on that
rating:    - added on 2009-01-03 by zulugodetia

It's that time again.
rating:    - added on 2008-12-17 by hundirector

Do you open ? (door and mind)
Bibbusque(177): ok i back in 1 h and 30 minutes
cjldx(177): ok i open the door in 1h30
Bibbusque(177): if students are here i show their my ideas
cjldx(177): because you have ideas ... ?
rating:    - added on 2008-12-18 by cjldx

squib chain?!
[11:11]gGrungean: squib is gay, lol
[11:12]hundirector: gGrungean: squib is gay, lol
[11:12]Evilthunder: 11:12]hundirector: gGrungean: squib is gay, lol
[11:12]gGrungean: [23:42]Evilthunder: 11:12]hundirector: gGrungean: squib is gay, lol
[11:12]hundirector: [20:12]gGrungean: [23:42]Evilthunder: 11:12]hundirector: gGrungean: squib is gay, lol
rating:    - added on 2008-09-06 by Evilthunder

The good old times
[22:16]derMandarin: since the dawn of time
[22:17]pgg: a few seconds before the epoch
[22:17]ErnestHemingway: when apes ruled the world...
[22:17]pgg: even
[22:17]ErnestHemingway: those were good times
[22:17]pgg: aye
[22:17]ErnestHemingway: i remember it as if it was yesterday
[22:17]pgg: aye
[22:17]ErnestHemingway: pete was alwasy the one to find fire
[22:18]onomatopeia: where a banana was the highest stuff you can get
[22:18]ErnestHemingway: ivan was the lazy one - he was always waiting for food scraps
[22:18]derMandarin: pete was multiboxing earth and three other planets ...
[22:18]pgg: Ernie was always the one using instruments to kill foes
[22:18]ErnestHemingway: actually i was busy trying to drag women to my cave by their hair...
[22:18]pgg: dM was in there Directing opperations
[22:19]ErnestHemingway: i left killing to mark - why do u think his is nicknamed arnie?
[22:19]pgg: Arnie DerMugger
[22:19]ErnestHemingway: whenever mark went out hunting, he always said: "i'll be bacl"
[22:19]pgg: dam hit the bar there Ernie
[22:20]ErnestHemingway: lol
[22:20]ErnestHemingway: u cant drag them home by the hair these days, pete
[22:20]pgg: no , no , so true
[22:20]ErnestHemingway: u gona get dragged out of the bar by the guards first
[22:21]pgg: Diamonds ring and porsches the new new knock me senseless with your prowess
[22:21]ErnestHemingway: and apparebtly, do u want to try my banana pick up line doesnt work these days anymore either
[22:21]derMandarin: I'll be bacl
[22:21]ErnestHemingway: well, the language wasnt too well developed back then yet, mark ;)
[22:21]derMandarin: on the first days god created earth and everything on it. And on the seventh day he played !BCS->(h3)
rating:    - added on 2010-04-01 by onomatopeia