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Shining Pink Star
[23:58]derMandarin: well next round is your time to shine :D
[23:59]FSFabbri: If shinning is not a gay thing, I ll try to shine very bright!!
rating:    - added on 2009-03-09 by Mark

New monkey...
Notification: linuxchick has arrived.
linuxchick(177): Hello zulugodetia, I am Eliza.
linuxchick(177): Xaos tells me you are afraid to visit.
linuxchick(177): Why do you feel so uncertain?
linuxchick(177): oh, sorry, client calling, gtg
Notification: linuxchick has departed.
AdIsHaNkAr(177): wtf?
AdIsHaNkAr(177): who are u
KiranY(TM)(177): on target this time :)
zulugodetia(177): ha ha, well done jp
zulugodetia(177): i recognise your voice, lol
zulugodetia(177): how do u do that?
xaosfiftytwo: using a bot..
zulugodetia(177): :))
zulugodetia(177): u should catch mark with it
zulugodetia(177): we will tell him u r a new chick member, maybe a lesbian?
xaosfiftytwo: my sisters account
zulugodetia(177): oh ok, no offence on your sister
xaosfiftytwo: shes a fierce linux fan too
zulugodetia(177): is she hot jp?
xaosfiftytwo: shes here, shall i ask ?
zulugodetia(177): yes why not?
hundirector(IM)(177): also, who is she hot for
zulugodetia(177): im 6ft 6, flat stomach, rich, and virile
xaosfiftytwo: i toldher all about you zulu
zulugodetia(177): so shes in love?
hundirector(IM)(177): that means zulu is out
zulugodetia(177): a flenmish woman, wow, that could become a fantasy
xaosfiftytwo: yes, out, definately
zulugodetia(177): oh why?, what did i do?
zulugodetia(177): i will remember our first date
xaosfiftytwo: she has known some guys from ZM in the past..
zulugodetia(177): zee macht rulez
xaosfiftytwo: no more.. she says
zulugodetia(177): those were the bad ones
xaosfiftytwo: ok,I will tell her.that you became wiser with the years
zulugodetia(177): yes, good line
hundirector(IM)(177): is she less then twice my age
KiranY(TM)(177): and i will tell susan you got experienced over the years
zulugodetia(177): hun, shes much too sophisticated for you
xaosfiftytwo: afraid not..6 years younger than us
zulugodetia(177): as lomg as her name is not linda, or penny, thats ok
xaosfiftytwo: adi got quite excited, no ?
AdIsHaNkAr(177): nope
AdIsHaNkAr(177): i need a pic
AdIsHaNkAr(177): and a profile + CV
hundirector(IM)(177): lol
AdIsHaNkAr(177): :P
zulugodetia(177): these kids no sense of adventure, they want everything on a plate
xaosfiftytwo: her name is Carine, she sends greetings to that old sailor
zulugodetia(177): oh no, what a beautiful name
zulugodetia(177): seriously. thats a nice name, its french?
zulugodetia(177): karen or caren
xaosfiftytwo: oh it was/is quite common here
zulugodetia(177): first time i have ever heard of it
xaosfiftytwo: is that so
zulugodetia(177): yes
xaosfiftytwo: lots of Carines here
zulugodetia(177): ok im immigrating
hundirector(IM)(177): it comes from latin
zulugodetia(177): carina
xaosfiftytwo: it is winter here, zulu..
zulugodetia(177): isnt it spring?
xaosfiftytwo: send a ticket over..
zulugodetia(177): dam mosquito banging his head on screen again, stoopit thing

rating:    - added on 2009-03-11 by xaosfiftytwo

gG- wats up??? (hes becoming wierd :(( )
11:19]gGrungean: that girl just looked at my dick (wow) , then looks at et's dick (sneer)
rating:    - added on 2008-08-28 by AdiShankaR

The well known secret
[12:40]Evilthunder: hey queen u leaving?
[12:40]Evilthunder: watch me to take the revenge
[12:40]zulugodetia: ha ha, et is in love
[12:40]QueenChessy: that's natural for a woman to leave
rating:    - added on 2008-09-03 by Evilthunder

Unread messages:
23. Mahog at Sat Feb 13, 22:34 PST 2010: Greetings my Liege from ur insolent pawn Footman Mahog. I deliver this message Hi-ness Apeness....... " The ring is in the bull's nose" May I say my only reward is your being pleased with me. It was a bloodthirsty battle ( not really ) - I am glad Hi-ness was safely snuggled up with Teddy, while I and my infantry did the business in the name of the Monkey Club. You WILL no doubt, see flaws in my game but Gandalf sir, I found it a truly dour struggle, - 1.d4 brings on these closed type games eh boss? I'll be around for your special thoughts. May Monkeys rule the earth one day...
rating:    - added on 2010-02-14 by Mark

New oppening
Zbigg(177): I play g5 after e4
Zbigg(177): new opening
XFrame(177): looool
XFrame(177): is it nice?
Zbigg(177): very easy
XFrame(177): im fine :) but not so fine i only play e5 :(
cjldx(177): what is the name of this oppening ?
Zbigg(177): I dunno
Zbigg(177): maybe grob reversed
cjldx(177): "ZGrob oppening"
rating:    - added on 2009-03-28 by cjldx

Man Friday
[19:37]derMandarin: salut pat
[19:38]patgrisly: salut vendredi

rating:    - added on 2010-02-28 by pgg

Hyper in a sweet mood!
[19:02]zulugodetia: sounds gay
[19:02]gGrungean: you guys talk much!
[19:02]AkisGanis: garden of Eden, gay?
[19:02]AkisGanis: roflol
[19:02]gGrungean: good night
[19:02]AkisGanis: c ya gG
[19:02]HyperMagnus: don't listen to him Akis
[19:02]HyperMagnus: zulu is very rude
[19:03]AkisGanis: nah zuzlu is just playing with me
[19:03]HyperMagnus: you have a very beautiful sounding name
[19:03]AkisGanis: we had a nice talk
rating:    - added on 2008-06-23 by zulugodetia

tarzan of the apes
[19:39]Guyus: I believe, like Albert Einstein, that a vegetarian diet is an evolutionary advancement in man, it's a manly thing to be
[19:39]zulugodetia: random
[19:39]northridgehawk: i love the feeling i get after i finish eating a rack of ribs ---> jst liking like the bones makes me wanna scream like tarzan
[19:40]DMjJMD: lol

rating:    - added on 2008-06-09 by zulugodetia

zulugodetia(177): boobs rulez
rating:    - added on 2009-04-20 by hundirector