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Intro scares Zulu
[00:08]zulugodetia: intro man is in town, hide your pawns, quick
rating:    - added on 2008-08-24 by gGrungean

Drunken Operating System
[23:38]derMandarin: dont make fun of my operating system :((
[23:38]derMandarin: dont make fun of my operating system :((
[23:38]KiranY(TM): lol
[23:38]Introspection: heheh
[23:38]zulugodetia: sorry, mark, :(
[23:38]Introspection: After all it is running on wine.
rating:    - added on 2008-08-22 by Mark

whose ass?
[10:25]seberg: whats ICC
[10:25]AdIsHaNkAr: my ass
[10:26]derMandarin: sorry, programming at the moment
[10:26]seberg: LOL
[10:26]AdIsHaNkAr: ?
[10:26]AdIsHaNkAr: my ass is programming?

rating:    - added on 2008-11-09 by DMJJMD

I am a fiend :(
FSFabbri: hi, fiend~
FSFabbri: friend
rating:    - added on 2008-11-02 by gGrungean

one of our members suffers from performance anxiety!
[20:31]gGrungean: sorry, no one accepts my offer
[20:31]gGrungean: and i dont see any worth taking
[20:31]zulugodetia: put it on the table, gG
[20:31]zulugodetia: lets see your hand
[20:31]Evilthunder: pick up a monkey Gg will be more fun to watch
[20:32]zulugodetia: ha ha
[20:32]zulugodetia: a sacred monkey
[20:32]gGrungean: i suffer from performance anxiety, so, no monkeys
rating:    - added on 2008-08-22 by zulugodetia

Bibbusque: h aha zulu
Bibbusque: lol
Bibbusque: what happens zulu?
Bibbusque: tell me, i help u
zulugodetia: i play rated, and i thought it was un-rated
Bibbusque: LOL
zulugodetia: 5 games lol
Bibbusque: seem a zulu idea
Bibbusque: lol
zulugodetia: oh well, not serious only 25points

rating:    - added on 2008-12-03 by Bibbusque

sir "K" moing his queen like a knight?
14:09]zulugodetia: kiran?, what u been smoking?
[14:09]KiranY: [17:35]zulugodetia: i love chess
[14:10]zulugodetia: is that funny>?
[14:10]KiranY: :)
[14:10]zulugodetia: funny is your queen move, lol
[14:10]KiranY: ya my brain froze really
[14:10]KiranY: i was moing my queen like a horse
[14:11]zulugodetia: unless you thought your knight could cover 4 x 4 squares

rating:    - added on 2008-09-15 by zulugodetia

patgrisly walks into channel 177, and this the greeting he gets!
[19:07]zulugodetia: pat i hate chess
[19:07]zulugodetia: u must save me
[19:07]patgrisly: ha you too?
[19:07]zulugodetia: :))
rating:    - added on 2009-07-06 by zulugodetia

Gambit Decliners
castleden(1635): gambit decliners should be put on an island somewhere, in the middle of the pacific... bunch of rotters :)
rating:    - added on 2010-03-09 by Mark

re-potting solutions for the garden
[20:21]hundirector: i had some beer
[20:21]zulugodetia: i no beer
[20:21]zulugodetia: artificial orange juice crap
[20:22]hundirector: made from petroleum?
[20:22]zulugodetia: yes
[20:23]zulugodetia: need some good stuff, like coca cola
[20:23]hundirector: yea
[20:23]hundirector: or heroin
[20:23]AdIsHaNkAr: shhh! lemme finish my last bit of pot first
[20:23]zulugodetia: just a joint, would be cool
[20:24]zulugodetia: then i can play like a gm
[20:25]gGrungean: pot?
[20:25]gGrungean: you are just 12 , for christ sakes
[20:25]AdIsHaNkAr: yes yes shd i send u sum?
rating:    - added on 2008-10-04 by zulugodetia