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Safe Chess
FlorinC(FM): you must go to sleep or one more?
XFrame: i will stay here for a while. would love to play you again FlorinC(FM): good
FlorinC(FM): I have some condome here
rating:    - added on 2009-03-24 by Mark

im quoting myself lol
[13:20]hundirector: yippy!
[13:24]hundirector: in this particular context, yippy means hi
[13:24]hundirector: just in case that wasnt clear.
[13:27]hundirector: Notification: KiranY has departed. Notification: zulugodetia has departed. Notification: seberg has departed.
[13:27]hundirector: lol, have i said something wrong.
[13:33]hundirector: Notification: Zbigg has departed.
[13:33]hundirector: im gonna cry now
rating:    - added on 2009-02-02 by hundirector

[19:52]AdIsHaNkAr: :))
[19:52]Bibbusque: :))
[19:52]zulugodetia: :))
[19:52]Bibbusque: :))
[19:53]hundirector: :))
[19:53]Bibbusque: :))
[19:53]zulugodetia: :))
[19:53]KiranY(TM): :))
[19:53]Bibbusque: :))
[19:53]hundirector: :))
rating:    - added on 2008-12-18 by hundirector

apologies zbig, some members get carried away!
[13:29]zulugodetia: my son was in poland last summer, 2 weeks in some rural area, hes friend lives here, but was from poland
[13:30]zulugodetia: he says polish girls have nice eyes
[13:30]zulugodetia: whats he looking at eyes for?
[13:30]KiranY(TM): :))
[13:31]KiranY(TM): how can he tell his father that polish girls have awesome tits
[13:31]KiranY(TM): so he gave you the edited version..

rating:    - added on 2009-02-02 by zulugodetia

[21:50]hundirector: lol
[21:51]Vanh: lol
[21:51]derMandarin: lol
[21:51]KiranY(TM): lol
[21:51]squib: lol
rating:    - added on 2009-01-11 by hundirector

our very own monkey fakir
[21:05]KiranY: i have walked on burning coal zulu, sitting on nails is nothing
rating:    - added on 2009-07-01 by zulugodetia

nerd complex?
[20:34]CrazyHunter: its wierd... i totally don't look like a nerd
rating:    - added on 2009-06-19 by zulugodetia

unrated lol
[16:01]zulugodetia: unrated is like masturbation
[16:01]AdIsHaNkAr: wtf?
[16:01]derMandarin: I don't get that, zulu
[16:01]xaosfiftytwo: yes, and zulu is specialist in unrated !
[16:01]derMandarin: I would say unrated is like a sandbox
[16:01]zulugodetia: u have to be older top understand
[16:01]AdIsHaNkAr: haha
[16:02]zulugodetia: yes, even better, like a sand box
[16:02]derMandarin: so zulu according to you a relationship which lost its fire would be called "unrated" ?
[16:02]xaosfiftytwo: got you there, zools ..
[16:02]zulugodetia: nvm mark
[16:02]zulugodetia: ha ha
[16:03]zulugodetia: sorry, i always wanted to use that abreviation, ha ha
[16:03]zulugodetia: nvm, nvm nvm, nvm nvm, nvm nvm, nvm nvm, nvm nvm, nvm nvm, nvm nvm, nvm nvm, nvm
[16:04]xaosfiftytwo: elaborate on nvm..
[16:04]zulugodetia: ha ha
[16:04]derMandarin: "Hi Mr. John Doe. I see you haven't brought your spouse to this cocktail party. Why so?" "Ah, we are unrated." "Oh, how unfortunate." "Well, she just refused a draw, so it is her fault."
[16:04]KiranY(TM): am back
[16:04]derMandarin: "Would you be interested in a simul then?" "Of course, bring 'em on."
[16:04]derMandarin: re
[16:05]zulugodetia: stop, im dying here, i have a case of real lol, laughing on the floor and rolling, lol
[16:05]zulugodetia: im so quoting this
rating:    - added on 2009-01-10 by zulugodetia

some guys have all the luck?!
KiranY: hun was a patzer he had a mild stroke and became IM
[20:35]hundirector(IM): how did u know? :))
rating:    - added on 2009-05-28 by zulugodetia

Too Late Man
derMandarin(177): I am here now, do not worry!
derMandarin(177): already entered the "high" section several times.
derMandarin(177): just let me upload girlfriend website first
hundirector(IM)(177): oh cool
derMandarin(177): http://lehmden.com/demo/
derMandarin(177): I only tested on firefox linux so far
derMandarin(177): I bet there is lots of work for Internet Explorer to do
cjldx(177): of course...
cjldx(177): :-))
derMandarin(177): and of course images are uncompressed. page size is still too big.
hundirector(IM)(177): i like the figurine on the right
derMandarin(177): hand drawn by her
derMandarin(177): that is her job ;)
derMandarin(177): do you guys know her cartoons?
hundirector(IM)(177): i think i saw some of them once
xaosfiftytwo: Vice & Virtue rvisited :)
derMandarin(177): http://loam.deviantart.com/art/Vice-and-Virtue-50-100137150
derMandarin(177): 50th jubilee edition strip ;)
northridgehawk(177): was i in ne of them lol
northridgehawk(177): lol was it kinda cold at tha house that day mark :P
derMandarin(177): hehe
hundirector(IM)(177): poor rat lol
derMandarin(177): I even got my own sub series: "Too late man"
derMandarin(177): http://loam.deviantart.com/art/Vice-and-Virtue-54-100963435
derMandarin(177): with background story: http://loam.deviantart.com/art/Vice-and-Virtue-47-98026446 ;)
hundirector(IM)(177): probably better than being called too early man?:)
derMandarin(177): LOL probably ;)

rating:    - added on 2009-03-05 by xaosfiftytwo