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[20:28]cjldx: Hello Mark, the Kaiser of Monkey Chess Club
[20:26]cjldx: Hi bis Mark
[20:26]zulugodetia: bis mark lol
[20:26]cjldx: haha
[20:26]cjldx: funny
[20:26]zulugodetia: aghtung bismark!
[20:26]cjldx: quote this !
[20:26]zulugodetia: you quote
20:27]cjldx: don't know how....
[20:27]cjldx: long time ago i quote

rating:    - added on 2010-03-10 by zulugodetia

these logisticians always watching, always analysing, ha ha
crem(177): "xaos, caos, 52, b52" is even longer that "xaosfiftytwo"
rating:    - added on 2008-11-24 by zulugodetia

adi breaking new barriers, 1800 wow!
[11:11]zulugodetia: Adishankar (1802)
[11:11]zulugodetia: un-believable
[11:16]Introspection: Well this means one of two things:
[11:17]Introspection: 1. There is something seriously wrong with the universe...
[11:17]Introspection: 2. We can be 1800 players also.
[11:17]Introspection: You decide!
[11:17]zulugodetia: ha ha
[11:18]zulugodetia: i think i'll go with 2

rating:    - added on 2008-12-19 by zulugodetia

One of zulu's monologues
[21:25]zulugodetia: i used to be a happy patzer, now im a frustrated patzer
[21:25]KiranY(TM): lol
[21:26]zulugodetia: :))
[21:26]zulugodetia: [17:54]KiranY(TM): [21:23]derMandarin: 4 people talking about 5 different topics that is always the case here mark
[21:27]zulugodetia: yes, mark, u must multi chat
[21:27]zulugodetia: simuls, on chats
[21:27]zulugodetia: now hes making tea again
[21:28]zulugodetia: cant even abuse the dude
[21:28]zulugodetia: hes never here
[21:28]zulugodetia: thats no fun
[21:28]zulugodetia: whats authority for?
[21:29]zulugodetia: squib, you are wasting your breath, thats a machine, what you going to say when you win?
[21:30]zulugodetia: gg
[21:30]zulugodetia: :))
[21:30]zulugodetia: handshake?
[21:30]zulugodetia: wow, squib, in serious mode
[21:31]zulugodetia: go squib, beat the program
rating:    - added on 2008-09-14 by KiranY

anyone know how to play the last post?
[20:33]seberg: ok, bibbu, I am off training my ninja skills. I would advise you to log off and train your god skills.
[20:34]zulugodetia: god skills, lol
[20:34]Bibbusque: i need high opps for bug
[20:35]Bibbusque: oh seberg
[20:35]Bibbusque: u want die?
[20:35]zulugodetia: i fetch coffin, wait!
[20:35]Bibbusque: i am god and i am good with u
[20:35]Bibbusque: u can stay here
[20:36]KiranY(TM): i fetch nails
[20:37]zulugodetia: ha ha
[20:37]zulugodetia: quick i get priest
[20:37]Bibbusque: zulu is a preist?
[20:37]KiranY(TM): ok i
[20:37]Bibbusque: priest
[20:37]KiranY(TM): i'll bring seberg
[20:37]zulugodetia: ha ha

rating:    - added on 2008-11-26 by zulugodetia

seberg's joke
[18:34]seberg: want a laugh?
[18:34]seberg: seen on python mailing list:
[18:35]seberg: line_ = self.line_generator().next()
[18:35]seberg: while line_:
[18:35]seberg: #<snip>
[18:35]seberg: line_ = self.line_generator().next()
[18:35]seberg: and the guy is wondering why his code is slow ...
rating:    - added on 2009-01-14 by hundirector

Intro speaking ancient languages
[11:42]Introspection: Is that your brotgher's handle?
[11:42]Introspection: And here's that same sentenece with my fingers on the wrong row...
[11:42]Introspection: x gzgn lu f bfoghdf'x hzncxd
rating:    - added on 2009-01-04 by Mark

Kiran's Discovery
[20:05]KiranY(TM): that fart is amazing..!
rating:    - added on 2008-08-27 by Mark

Don't Listen!
[21:41]pollock: dont listen to pollock he is an idiot
rating:    - added on 2008-06-06 by Mark

What happens when KiranY and Bibbu swap their identities
[17:03]Bibbusque: who is u?
[17:04]KiranY(TM): i am bibbu
[17:04]Bibbusque: i am kirany
[17:04]Bibbusque: hi bibbu
[17:04]KiranY(TM): hi kirany
[17:04]Bibbusque: 13:34]KiranY(TM): hi kirany
[17:04]KiranY(TM): [17:04]Bibbusque: hi bibbu
[17:04]gGrungean: lol
[17:04]gGrungean: lol
[17:04]Bibbusque: [13:34]Bibbusque: 13:34]KiranY(TM): hi kirany [13:34]KiranY(TM): [17:04]Bibbusque: hi bibbu
[17:04]KiranY(TM): bourne identity
[17:05]Bibbusque: bourne ultimatum
[17:05]KiranY(TM): bourne supremacy
[17:05]Bibbusque: yes
[17:06]KiranY(TM): so kiran where are you from?
[17:06]Bibbusque: india
[17:06]Bibbusque: and u?
[17:06]KiranY(TM): i mean what city ?
[17:06]Bibbusque: oh
[17:06]KiranY(TM): i am from italy
[17:06]Bibbusque: not important the city
[17:07]KiranY(TM): city very imporatnt
[17:07]Bibbusque: no
[17:08]KiranY(TM): i play latvian gambit and a secret gambit ..u?
[17:08]Bibbusque: i play bad opening
[17:08]Bibbusque: ha ha
[17:08]Bibbusque: i play very bad
[17:08]KiranY(TM): i resign on move 1
[17:08]Bibbusque: i resigne wothout move
[17:08]KiranY(TM): i am a patzer
[17:09]Bibbusque: i am the best patzer
[17:09]KiranY(TM): no i am god of patzers
[17:09]Bibbusque: nah
[17:09]Bibbusque: u are a god
[17:09]Bibbusque: and i am a patser
[17:09]Bibbusque: hi god bibbu
[17:09]KiranY(TM): hi GM kiran
[17:09]Bibbusque: i pray for playing better, can u help me?
[17:09]Bibbusque: u are a god
[17:10]KiranY(TM): i beg to play for better..can u help
[17:10]Bibbusque: listen my voice please
[17:10]Bibbusque: u are the best player here, bibbu teach me
[17:10]KiranY(TM): nah you are better than bibbu
[17:11]Bibbusque: bibbu rape me for ever
[17:11]KiranY(TM): you know i lost to you 100 -0
[17:11]KiranY(TM): if thats not rapethen what is
[17:11]Bibbusque: i never win against bibbu
[17:12]KiranY(TM): so quiet here
[17:12]Bibbusque: silence please
rating:    - added on 2008-09-14 by gGrungean